Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flaming Starmen

Another double but without the charm of a two-sided book. Peril of the Starmen comes up the loser in this cheap gambit from Belmont Paperbacks, starting on page 101 without a title page of its own.

This is hackery at its finest. The Flame of Iridar concludeth thusly: "It was this same Thar, Son of Chandar (you may remember), who was many years later to go forth on the famous Quest of the Sword of Psamathis, where he discovered the age-old terror... But that's another story! THE END."

Over at Peril of the Starmen, it's not much better, but at least there's a guy with an actual name such as you might encounter in real life, if you lived in the 1960s: "And Herb felt free. For the first time in his life. Here on Earth... It was a wonderful feeling. THE END."

There you have it. Roll the credits, Jimbo, and pass me a Guinness.

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